Hi Terry,

I just wanted to Thank You for all the love and care you put into your breeding program. As you know we are on our second Vollkommen GSD and have again been so pleased with the soundness of your breeding program in producing beautiful, strong, stable dogs that make the best companions anyone could ask for.

10 years ago we met you after and pretty exhaustive search for the best breeder in TX (in my humble opinion). After talking to and touring many kennels around TX it was clear that, for us, you had the kind of approach to breeding that we could support. In Aug of 2007 we brought home Liberty (Libby) and began the journey. She was so beautiful that people would always stop and comment on her “classic shepherd” look and, from those who know the breed, how impressed they were with her overall structure, hips etc etc. It was always fun showing her off! She was smart, easily trained and did well with children, adults, other dogs! Very well adjusted!

When we lost Libby our hearts were broken! After some time to heal my husband asked me to contact you and see if there were any litters planned for the spring. After consultation with you we adopted Madison (Madi)! Madi is coming up on 21months old and as far as I am concerned already a show stopper. You let us know this was going to be a very high drive dog! You weren’t kidding and we Love It!

Take care and keep in touch

Sandy and Randy Kaufman
(currently in AZ!)

Hi Terry:

We wanted to write and give an update on our dog that we acquired from you two years ago.

After visiting your facility a couple of times and talking by phone, we purchased our male, Jaeger. Our experience with seeing the kennels, the other dogs and visiting with you and Henry, it was an easy decision. The grounds and cages are in excellent shape and the environment was what we had hoped for raising such beautiful animals.

Jaeger has been a fantastic addition to our family these past two years. We have one other small dog and two cats at home. He loves everyone, people included, and is friendly and respectful at home and when we are out walking.

Jaeger is one of the most alert and intelligent Shepherds I’ve had (two males and two females plus several litters in the past thirty years). We train with Keith J and have weekly and daily short training sessions at home and at the parks. Jaeger learns something in one or two tries and is eager to comply.

He is high spirited and full of energy; some days we go for several hours of training walks, practice patrolling and etc. He patrols the yard or house on command, stays at heel around other dogs, and is often complimented on his looks and stature. We really could not ask for a better companion and sentry.

I will send you a couple pictures in a separate e-mail.

Best regards,

Scott G. Howard, Director
Global Property Management

I just want to tell you how pleased we are with purchasing our German Shepherd puppy from you! You’re honesty and time taken to educate us has given us much more than we expected. There are so many bad breeders out there and we have heard and read horror stories about people getting sick or psychologically damaged dogs. Finding a reputable breeder is so hard to do these days!

Our Gabriel has great temperament, personality, and disposition. He is eager to learn and goes wherever we go. People constantly ask us, “Where did you get such a beautiful dog?” He is beautiful in so many ways. His bone structure and gait are amazing. We love to watch him run through the large field near our house.

Thank you for your dedication to quality and responsible breeding!

John and Lisa Nemcik
Ps. If a potential buyer needs to speak to a former customer, please feel free to give out my cell number!

Hi, Terry. Attached are recent photos of our puppy Greta enjoying wildflowers and mountain scenery, at about 12,000 ft. She has been such a wonderful companion to us since losing our Guido, also from Vollkommen. Both dogs were exceptionally smart, active and friendly, and of course very beautiful.

It was a pleasure meeting you and Henry and visiting your facility to pick out our puppy. And before that, you were so good about keeping us up to date on breeding and the health of the mother. Getting your first photo of the puppies, when they were only a few hours old, was the highlight of our day!

We feel very fortunate to have had two exceptional shepherds from Von Vollkommen.

Best regards,

Joan and Bob O’Rourke

Hi Terry,

I thought you’d enjoy few pictures of Zelda at “work”. She’s training to become a Human Remains dog with local search and rescue
organization. Here are few pictures from past weekend’s training.

Natalia Harms


I apologize for not contacting you sooner. Lexa has turned out to be an absolutely beautiful female. I have attached a few pictures for you of Lexa. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we have truly been enjoying her. We are still working on her manners and she and I will start a basic obedience class at the end of this month.

Thank you.
Linda S. Carter

Attached are a few pictures of Wenki Von Vollkommen, a.k.a. Sissy on her 1st birthday. We love her very much. Thank you for a wonderful German Shepherd.


Ella is doing fantastic!!! She is sooooo smart. Of course, you already knew that. Ella already goes to the front door and sits when she needs to go out. When I ask her to go get her bone, she starts looking for it immediately. It’s snowing in Frisco today, and she has enjoyed playing and eating the snow. I can’t thank you enough for raising such high quality dogs……. Ella has bonded well with Anna and my husband, too. Ella loves sitting at my feet when I work at my desk, cook or get dressed in the morning. And what a lovable puppy. She likes snuggling and giving puppy kisses. Her little personality is starting to show. She’ll carry her food bowl and water around when she wants my attention. She likes barking when Anna rakes the leaves. It’s actually hysterical. Ella is a great traveller, too. She’s been on many road trips in just a short week, and falls asleep in the seat. We love her so much!!! Ella has been a great addition to our family.




Kaima has adopted Solo and he her. He is wonderful and a true joy. He is very strong willed and tells Kaima what he thinks when she gives him little corrections for getting too rambunctious with her.


Thanks for the article Terry. I found it very interesting and will share it with all my fellow dog lovers. Dreaha and I are doing great. Shes very smart and has been a wonderful addition to my family.

Thanks again,

Thank you Fritz Stenner, Urbecke Kennels, for breeding and training Ham, and for conditioning him for the Sieger Show in Reno, Nevada. Thank you Silke Fetter for your special friendship and excellent handling in the ring and to my wonderful husband, Henry, for all your love and support.

Terry and Henry,

Fritz is doing great, and we love him to pieces! I thought you would like see a picture of him now! He’s definitely bonded to our family!

Merry Christmas,
The Kopca’s

Kera is Ham’s first daughter, and a super young female. She placed VP 2 at the 2004 USA Sieger Show in Nashville, TN. SG 5 at the 2005 WDA Sieger Show in Pittsburgh, PA. In January 2006, under the very able training of Fritz Stenner she attained her SchH 1 at the age of 21 months with scores of 99/82/92. Kera will have her SchH 2 and 3 in the next few months. Watch for her at the WDA Sieger Show in October 2006 !!!!

Hi Terry!

Gary and I fell in love with Ham when he was showing on the Midwest area circuit in the 2004 season. He was gorgeous and energetic in the show ring, but very calm and friendly outside of the ring. We manage the Mittelwest web site, and when we received the pictures of the Ham / Vita v. Mittelwest litter, Ferguson’s picture was never even posted to the site. The “Red Puppy” was sold!

At 14 months old, Ferguson is turning out to be the perfect first Schutzhund dog for Gary to handle himself. He has a terrific balance of drives and steady nerves on the protection field. Ferguson’s calm temperament and willingness to please Gary (and his other humans) is a joy! So far, Ferguson is proving to be a wonderful dog for Schutzhund training, and also an excellent household companion.

We are hoping to complete Ferguson’s AD and BH this year, and see how he does in the conformation ring. We have lots of work to do! Ferguson is a pleasure to train and work with, especially for us beginners! After meeting Ham, we hoped for a male with a similar temperament to what we saw. Our hopes and expectations have been exceeded! The Ferguson / Gary team are training under the expert guidance of Dave Blank.

Have a great day!!


Hi Terry……Hope all is well, things are going good here except for the really cold temps the last few days. It has not gone above 0 for about 3 days now and we are all ready for it to stop. We would love to send some photos of our Vita and Ham puppy Fletcher……He is a very good lookin’ boy and is a dream to train, He loves his tracking, loves his food and LOVES me. He is a slow developing male, and we are just starting to see where his drives will take him. So far he has only 1 show under his belt and got a V.P. We are doing his training ourselves, and have his Ma, Vita to finish this summer before we really concentrate on him. He has a wonderful temperament.

Take care,

Hi Terry,
Just wanted to drop you a line about our pup, “Jag”, is doing great. He has an excellent personality and he is full of mischief right now. My wife and daughter are spoiling him rotten. I started some basic obedience and leash training today. Needless to say, he has become the center of our attention and will be a special dog. My daughter is getting a new digital camera for Christmas and we will be sending you pictures shortly. We will bring “Jag” to the vet for his first official visit Jan.2. We are good friends with the vet so we stopped by on the way back from the airport just for him to get a peek. He was impressed with the bone structure. Hope all’s well with you and your family — Kevin

Hi Terry,
I hope all is well in your world. Jag is 4 1/2 months old now and is doing well. I finished his basic obedience training and doing a little bite work, but nothing aggressive. He is a very intelligent dog and reward driven. We love him and he is exactly what I was looking for to replace our last import. His colors have changed a lot lately. He is full of himself and is very confident. We will take some pictures this weekend if the weather improves, and send them to you. By the way, his ears are up now. Again, we are very happy with our new family member and thanks for your help.

Take care,

Hi Terry,

I thought you might enjoy some pictures of Jack (Liko) and our daughter. He’s so great with her and such a good dog. He’s very situationally aware. Not only has he become a member of our family, but he also keeps watch over our house and our daughter Haven.

A few days ago I was playing with Haven and she was making what we like to call her Alien noise. (we were playing but she wasn’t laughing at the moment) Jack gave me a warning bark and I had to let him know that Haven was okay and we were just playing. I thought that it was really neat that even with me he had to make sure she was okay. My husband and I have also noticed that although he sleeps on a bed on the floor in our room, he gets up two or three times a night and walks through Haven’s room as though he’s doing nightly checks.

Thank you so much.

Zeus has not had any official training, so there is not much to say about that. The only comment I would want to add about Zeus is that he is a very close, protective, loving companion to our entire family, and is extra close to myself, and he is helping me deal with my hearing problems. He is learning to notify me of alarms, etc and is learning more every day. The biggest thing about Zeus is that he is the most loving dog I have ever owned, and most healthy!

We really enjoy Zeus and he brings a lot of life to our house. He is a fun boy, and he is quite the “ham”. He loves to play around with our other male Payton.


Hi Terry, I took this picture with my phone, so it is not the best. I wanted to show you what a relaxed barn dog Galileo is turning out to be. He started coming to the barn two weeks ago. His ears are tipped in right now just like an Arabian horse and all the girls just give him tons of attention. He goes everywhere with them, the pasture, muddy spots, puddles and sits under the table quietly during lessons. I will send better photos but need to learn how to download from our camera! My husband usually does all the technical stuff. When we come home on Saturday evening from a day at the barn, he gets cleaned up, fed and falls into a deep sleep for the evening. What a wonderful companion he is for my daughter and all the girls at the barn. Hope all is well —


Hi Terry…

This is Arlene…I have a female from Aika and Ham’s litter of May 2007…she is 8 months now and doing wonderfully…she is the most lovable affectionate GSD I have ever had…and she is georgeous!!! We go to dog obedience classes and everyone there comments on how great she looks…she is the star of the show…I am writing to ask you what your opinion is as to the right time to spay …..I appreciate your input…and thanks for such a terrific dog!

Best Regards…Arlene


Thank you for your very kind email. Your web site is in a word FANTASTIC! I want to thank Vollkommen once again for Dutch. Named for President Reagan, Dutch has been a joy. He is smart, loving and he turns heads as he is so handsome. Betty and I look forward to working with you in the Spring to select a puppy! Thanks again for your prayers and words of comfort as loosing our Sunny at Christmas was a sadness that touched our entire family.


Hey Terry,

Its me Anastasia again. I’m sending two more pics of Ricki. They were taken last Sunday at the park. Her face looks like Ham, at least we think so. My friend’s co worker is getting the long coat from you as well. I told him, “You won’t be sorry because Terry is the best!!!! Thank you very much.



I hope that you can view these. Tristan, aka Guido, is a wonderful puppy. He has adapted to the two cats, is practically house trained, is learning to sit and retrieve a ball, and doesn’t seem to mind a leash. All this in 8 days.

We can actually get a reasonable night’s sleep with him sleeping unrestrained in the bedroom. We did the tether for the first two days, but he’s more happy and sleeps better untethered. You folks have done a terrific job of breeding and training him.

This morning we did two brisk miles on the beach with Guido showing no signs of being tired. He’ll do well on hikes in the Colorado mountains!

Thanks and regards,
Bob and Joan O’Rourke

Hey Terry,

Good to see your breeding break was short lived (maybe not quite a long enough break for you though), I hope all is well. Tonka is doing quite well as he approaches his 2nd birthday in May, his protection work is progressing very well, we are now doing hidden sleeve work, and incorporating more real life scenarios into his training as his maturity allows. He is just wonderful with my kids, and would love to stud him, and continue his wonderful genetics. I am wondering if any of these upcoming litters would be suitable to get a female from that would make a good mate for him for me to start breeding. When are these litters due, what are available, I also have some others here in New Joisy who are interested in a Vom Vollkommen pup. Talk to you soon,