Written by owner: Terry Gimpel

We have both always been animal lovers. I enjoy the interaction and challenges involved in training, showing and breeding. My Husband Henry just loves all animals and that love is mutual. I have never seen a dog that didn’t love him.

Henry is my greatest supporter, my driver, my water carrier, my van and trailer packer and most of all my Hero. We have been involved with import bred German shepherds since 1984. I was fascinated with the sport of Schutzhund and very impressed with the strict breeding criteria mandated by the German SV. We believe the German shepherd should be structurally correct, as genetically free of faults as possible and equally important that the temperament and working drives must be preserved.

I have bred, trained and titled my own dogs to the Schutzhund 3 level as well as shown in USA and WDA Sieger Shows. Probably our most notable wins have been with V Elsa vom Vollkommen, SchH 2, KKL1 “a”, Youth Siegerin, 1997 WDA Sieger Show, Bowling Green, KY, and more recently our import, VA Ham von der Urbecke, SchH 3, KKL1 “a”, VA 7 at the 2004 USA Sieger Show in Nashville, TN. then, even better, VA 4 at the 2005 Sieger Show in Reno, NV. Our Ham daughter, Kera vom Vollkommen, placed VP2 at the 2004 USA Sieger Show in Nashville, TN and SG 5 at the 2005 WDA Sieger Show in Pittsburgh. In 2010 our own V Olivia vom Vollkommen won Vice Siegren in both the NASS in Virginia and the USCA in Dallas.

At the 2010 NASS our newest import VA Jamaica von Oasis won Outstanding Female Protection Performance and V3 in the Working Female Class. The following year at the 2011 WDA Sieger Show Jamaica was awarded VA2 in the Working Female Class. We are so very proud of our Vise Siegren and all that she has accomplished.

My training as a medical research technician in reproductive endocrinology has been a wonderful advantage in the breeding aspect of our “hobby”. During my years at the University I was privileged to work and collaborate with many researchers, scientists and veterinarians from top small animal reproductive centers including Cornell, UC Davis, Tulane and even Université de Liège, Belgium and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Uppsala, Sweden.

Since retiring from the University I have established an AKC approved canine semen collection and freezing facility, Canine Reproductive Technology. We are able to collect, evaluate, and process semen for fresh cooled breedings or freeze for long-term storage. We offer these services for all breeds of dogs.

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