VA Ham von der Urbecke

I love you Ham and miss you so
I don’t understand why you had to go

You were so full of life, full of love for all
Then from heaven there came a call

You were gone so quickly no time to prepare
In just a moment you were no longer there

In life my companion, my protector and friend
Now there is a hole where you should have been

Your place was beside me it didn’t matter where
Sometimes the sofa, my bed or the chair

Your beautiful dark eyes looked into my soul
You understood what I needed and you filled the role

When I walk in the door you are not there
Your place by the window is empty and bare

God has a purpose, a plan and a reason
For all things that happen for all things a season

Tho my heart is breaking and my loss is great
I know we will meet again, I just have to wait

Your legacy lives on through your daughters and your sons
Enriching the lives of their loved ones