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Early Spay-Neuter Considerations for the Canine Athlete

Written by Chris Zink DVM, PhD, DACVP

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A Goodbye To Ham

VA Ham von der Urbecke 2001-2009 I love you Ham and miss you so I don’t understand why you had to go You were so full of life, full of love for all Then from heaven there came a call You were gone so quickly no time

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Crate Training

The puppy looks on the crate as a den and a “security blanket”. If the puppy can avoid soiling the den it will, this is the basic principle behind crate training. As the puppy learns what you want when it goes outside it will take care of

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Choosing A Breeder

Most good breeders of purebred dogs breed dogs for one reason … they absolutely love their breed. Their goals are the constant improvement of the breed from litter to litter. When you purchase from a concerned breeder, you can be sure that everything that can be done

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